Service user comments


Things are good now I’m at the farm and I have been feeling positive. It is nice to be able to contribute something here. I have been thinking more clearly and feel better about myself.


I am less worried about what people think of me. The physical activity has helped my aches and pains. I feel stronger because of the different movements I have to make when taking part in the activities like digging, hoeing, planting and lifting. I can feel a good ‘glow’ in my body two or three days after Appleseed Friday.


Being here keeps me busy and as it is a Friday the weekend feels less lonely. I think that I am happier and I can talk to people without worrying, I like to think that it is making me more outgoing.


Life at Appleseed allows me to work stress free as the day is not stressful and yet remains busy and purposeful.


I feel that I have really contributed here and I am proud that I have made a difference with my painting skills. Appleseed helps me manage my depression as I can lose myself in the work here; it’s a distraction but a comfortable one.